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World Of Warcraft - You Play Too Much...
Too Much World of Warcraft Video Game Humor Poster

: $18.95
Artist: World Of Warcraft
Title: You Play Too Much...
Size: 24 x 36 inches

Full Size Poster
Poster Text
  • "You know you play too much World of Warcraft when..."
  • "...you see a bear in the forest and wonder whether it's a druid in disguise."
  • "...you inspect people's clothing to see if it's enchanted."
  • "...you give a cop wide berth because you don't wanna pull aggro."
  • "...you say 'grats' each time your microwave says 'ding'."
  • "...you go to the bank, walk right up to the teller regardless of the people in front of you, and try to deposit weapons."
  • "...you wake up and think, 'Damn I would love pancakes but I don't have the mats'."
  • "...you give your pet a kill command."
  • "...you start calling water 'mana'."
  • 50 World of Warcraft quotes in total.

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